Project: Langs Building Supplies – Pierce Avenue

Specialising in native Australian ecology and vegetation management
Ausecology recently assisted Langs Building Supplies with the clearing of a development site. The vegetation clearing works for this development included a stand of remnant trees, various ponds, stormwater retention basin and various dispersed trees. Close to 100 habitat features were mapped during pre-clearance surveys, with 13 hollows occupied. Close to 100 animals were relocated during the clearing works, which included clearing of all hollows with an Elevated Work Platform (EWP). To compensate for the removal of the hollows, over twenty (20) various types of nestboxes were installed. Two of these boxes re-housed a brush-tailed possum and squirrel glider captured during clearing works.
Ausecology identified the Vulnerable wallum froglet (Crinia tinnula) on the site and dealt with the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage to undertake the appropriate actions while still meeting construction deadlines. To undertake this project the following permits and licences applied:

  • Rehabilitation permit NC Act, Permit No. WIRP13520313
  • Damage mitigation permit NC Act, Permit No. WIMP13937714
  • AEC approval CA2015-07-880
  • Scientific Use registration number 483
  • DAFF Animal Ethics Committee Approval

In addition, staff working as fauna spotter catchers all have the appropriate vaccinations including Australian bat Lyssavirus. Our team is composed of deeply experienced fauna management professionals, equipped with:

  • Damage mitigation permits;
  • Advanced venomous snake handling training;
  • Chainsaw licensing;
  • Working Safely at Heights; and
  • High Risk Work licenses for Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) above 13m in height.
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