Cycas megacarpa – offsetting endangered plants

The pipelines have been installed and are now operational and Ausecology’s focus in central Queensland has transitioned to delivering long term rehabilitation and environmental offset obligations, as required under state and federal Environmental Approvals. Most recently, this work has included offsetting the endangered species Cycas megacarpa.

Ausecology has been involved with C. megacarpa for over five years. We have undertaken preclearance assessments, supervision of salvage and translocation operations, planting, maintenance, research, monitoring and broader property management of offset sites designated for this species.

Most recently, Ausecology has just completed two successful cycad translocation projects. This involved the planting of over 5,500 plants. Some of these plants were over 7 m tall and over 1 tonne in weight! Ausecology shifted, positioned, planted and watered a total of 220 tonnes of cycads over the planting period. Ausecology is now maintaining both of these offset populations, which involves watering, insect control, fire break maintenance, hazard reduction burning and compliance monitoring and reporting.

Given our long and close involvement with the species, the Ausecology team have written a scientific paper on the population dynamics of Cycas megacarpa, which has been accepted for publication in Austral Ecology. The paper is based on data collected during detailed ecological assessments on an existing C. megacarpa population of close to 8,000 plants.

Ausecology has built a reputation for delivering positive offset outcomes at scale. Our ability to manage offsets in a practical way, focused on the efficient and cost effective delivery of offset outcomes, is unmatched in the industry.

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