Environmental Offsets

Ausecology is an experienced biodiversity offsetting delivery and management company with a portfolio of over 20 offsetting properties managed for numerous clients. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a practical understanding of offset management and a whole of assets delivery approach. We offer:

Our services in offsetting include:

  • Diverse experience working on a wide range of offset projects
  • Experience identifying and negotiating suitable offset sites for clients and government
  • Landholder engagement and liaison
  • Sourcing, planning, ongoing management, on-ground implementation, monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Experience meeting compliance obligations at both Federal and State levels
  • Extensive experience in rehabilitation monitoring, bio-condition and analogue site assessment
  • In house revegetation, ecosystem restoration, property management and fire management capability for offset projects of all scales
  • Rehabilitation, revegetation and maintenance including plantings, weed control, fencing, slashing and firebreak installation
  • Strong GIS and modelling capability and innovative data capture software deployed on iPads and Trimble GEOXH6000 units
  • Fire risk management and response – installation and maintenance of fire breaks and other fire infrastructure, fuel load management, bushfire preparedness activities (aerial and ground based bushfire response drills, stakeholder meetings and collaboration).
  • Planned hazard reduction burning and ecological burning in and around offset assets.
  • Pest animal control (trapping and shooting).
  • Specialised experience propagating, translocating and planting rare and threatened species
  • Competitive rates and value add solutions for all our clients
  • Enhancement of vegetation and habitat – brigalow thinning, assisted regeneration and grazing management at various offset sites for various clients
  • Weed and pest control
  • BioCondition assessments and targeted fauna surveys
  • Annual reporting against site specific offset (and rehabilitation) area management plans.
  • Enhancement of vegetation and habitat – brigalow thinning, assisted regeneration and grazing management, as well as planting and maintenance of endangered, vulnerable and near threatened (EVNT) plants.

Environmental Offsets in Australia

Our most recent experience includes offsets for listed EVNT flora and fauna and endangered ecological communities inclusive of brigalow communities, bluegrass communities, koala, little pied bat, Delma torquata, golden tailed gecko, Belyando cobblers peg, ooline, Cycas megacarpa, Acacia pedleyi, Macropteranthes leiocaulis, Melaleuca irbyana, Xerothamnella herbacea, Rutidosis lanata, Solanum johnsonianum among others.

For more information please contact Ausecology on [email protected]

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