Flora Survey Trigger Map

Ausecology prides itself on their high standard of ecological reporting and mapping having produced highly detailed and practical ecology reports that provide our clients with the advice they need on their projects. Ausecology offers the following flora and fauna consulting and management services:

  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Preclearance ecology surveys
  • Vegetation and rehabilitation management plans
  • Environmental offset planning
  • Biobanking
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • EVNT species quantification, avoidance recommendations and clearing permits
  • GIS mapping and modelling
  • Pest and weed management planning
  • Rare and threatened species (risk) assessments and management
  • Regional ecosystem and vegetation mapping
  • Fauna Spotter Catchers
  • Fauna trapping
  • EVNT flora species propagation and reinstatement
  • Species (flora and fauna) translocation / relocation