Hazard Reduction Burns to Protect Ecological Offset Values

In preparation for an elevated bushfire risk this season, Ausecology been busy conducting hazard reduction burns in order to minimise fire risk to ecological values contained within the offset properties we manage.

The burns were planned and controlled by Ausecology personnel with training and experience in rural fire management. Ausecology undertook all planning and preparation for the burns, including manual and mechanical firebreak construction, fuel load reduction around key natural assets, stakeholder liaison approvals and permitting. This detailed planning and preparation ensured the burns were undertaken during optimal conditions and ran according to plan to achieve the fuel reduction objectives required.

Periodic low intensity mosaic burning of some woodland and grassland ecosystems is a great way to protect and/or maintain healthy ecosystem characteristics at a relatively large scale. Ausecology can provide hazard reduction assessments and planning for your project with the support of our specialised Ecology and GIS specialists. Ausecology uses innovative GIS and aerial data capture techniques and mapping to support planning in combination with onsite ecological assessments and fuel load monitoring to best plan and implement Hazard Reduction Burns.

Unlike other consultancies we do more than just the planning, we can also undertake the on-ground preparation and burning and this gives us the ability to make sure our plans are practical, cost effective and ensure a successful outcome for our clients.

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