Increasing the natural population of Acacia pedleyi

Ausecology welcomed the rain after the planting of Acacia pedleyi on a biodiversity offset property  for Origin Energy.  A. pedleyi (listed as vulnerable under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act) is endemic to the Callide and Calliope ranges. It generally grows in open eucalypt forest or woodlands and its known distribution is very limited.

Ausecology has undertaken population surveys, collected the seed, propagated and planted close to 6,000 A. pedleyi plants and will continue to maintain and monitor the plants in accordance with the approval conditions of the Australia Pacific LNG Coal Seam Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas Project. This planting increases the natural population of the species and learnings from this project will help increase the current knowledge on the species.

Ausecology welcomes Deree King (pictured above) to the project, Deree has a strong connection to country in this area. Deree’s family are from the Carnarvon and Clermont areas and she had some very interesting stories to share with the planting team.

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