Fauna Spotter Catchers in Australia

Ausecology provides experienced fauna spotter catchers (FSCs) across a range of projects. From roadside clearing to nightworks and dewatering our experienced team will have your project covered.

All Ausecology personnel perform their work to the highest of standards. All our fauna spotter catchers are trained to humanely capture, handle and relocate animals on all sites including road infrastructure, pipelines, mining and development projects.

We have extensive experience working alongside active construction operations and understand the imperative to work efficiently and to the highest of safety standards at all times. We understand the need to be flexible around construction timelines and we are known for our ability to resource projects with strict and ever changing timeframes. Our reporting is streamlined allowing you to recieve project data in realtime or in your chosen format ready to send through to regulators.

Our team are experienced at handling fauna, are fully qualified and carry the required vaccinations. All our FSCs are Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV) vaccinated, enabling them to handle bats and flying foxes. All FSCs are also trained in venomous snake handling and working at heights for rescues requiring elevated work platforms.

Ausecology holds the following permits and approvals:

  • Rehabilitation permit NC Act, Permit No. WIRP13520313
  • Damage mitigation permit NC Act, Permit No. WIMP13937714
  • Scientific Use registration number 483
  • DAFF Animal Ethics Committee Approvals

Our staff are also competent in undertaking pre-clearing surveys, fauna trapping, monitoring and assessment and detailed data collation and reporting.

Ausecology is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001-2015 and ASNZS-4801-2001 certified company and has a proven commitment to quality, safety and customer service.